2016/2017 Board Nominations

Call for Nominations for Board Members of the Lunenburg Board of Trade

The Nominations Committee of the Board of Trade is soliciting nominations from the members of the Board of Trade for Council Members in advance of the Annual General Meeting to be held November 24th, 2016.

The following are the key pieces of information you will want when making a nomination of an individual for participation on the Board.

1)  Deadlines for submitting names:  November 11th, 2016

2)  Open positions:

  • President – 2yr term
  • Vice President – 2 yr term
  • Secretary – 1yr term 
  • 4 Councillors – 2yr term 
  • 1 Councillor – 1 yr term

3)  In keeping with the By-laws the Secretary will receive nominations from the membership at large that were received in writing or electronically (signed by the member nominating the candidate for office along with the candidate’s signature indicating a willingness to stand).   Nominations are to be submitted in the first instance to the Executive Director at ed@lunenburgns.com   The nomination form can be found on our website.

4)  Nominations will also be received from the floor at the AGM with the consent of the nominated individual.

In order to help members understand the role and requirements for Council Members the Nominating Committee has drawn up a job description for Board Members of the LBoT Council which can be found on our website.

If there are any questions regarding the process or the position, do not hesitate to contact the Nominations Committee.


Submitted on behalf of the Nominations Committee

Tim Reibling

Tim Lekhi

Charlie Guy