Weekly Member E Newsletters

Weekly E Newsletters are sent to our subscribed membership list every Tuesday.  For information to be considered for inclusion, we need to receive details no later than end of day on the Friday prior. Occasional time sensitive stand alone emails may be sent out separately.

Weekly Member E Newsletters may include information from the following:

  • Non-member community groups and non-profits, for example Art Gallery, Heritage Society, Churches, Public service announcements, etc.
  • Government:  Federal, ACOA, Provincial, Municipal and the Town of Lunenburg, regional development authority, other business organizations.

We do not share contents of our email lists.

If you have any queries please contact the Lunenburg Board of Trade

email:  office@lunenburgns.com or telephone: 902 634 3170

If you are a member of the Lunenburg Board of Trade and are not currently receiving Weekly E Newsletters, or had previously un-subscribed and want to start receiving emails again,  click here.